The Metrics Movement debuts as an exclusive hub for mobile gaming's thought leaders

June 12, 2023
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LONDON, UK (June 13, 2023) – Kohort (previously Ramp) – experts in mobile gaming forecasting and growth, is reshaping the global mobile gaming industry with the successful launch of The Metrics Movement, an elite series of invite-only gatherings. The inaugural event was held in London on 17th May 2023, marking a significant step towards establishing a community of data-driven thought leaders within the fast-paced industry.

"With The Metrics Movement, we aim to create an exclusive platform that encourages data-driven innovations in mobile gaming," said Dan Marcus, CEO of Kohort (previously Ramp). "We believe the key to breakthroughs in this industry lies in understanding and utilising data efficiently.”

Attendees at the London event included top minds from major mobile gaming studios such as Trailmix Games, Huuuge Games, and Dream Games. These events are no ordinary gatherings noted Marcus. “Attendees are meticulously chosen for a curated experience. They are either mobile gaming innovators, influencers, or both,” he added.

The highlight of the event was a fireside chat featuring special guests Oscar Clark, CEO of Fundamentally Games, and Chris Benjaminsen, Founder of FRVR. The discussion centred on 'The Future of User Acquisition (UA)'—a topic of immense relevance in an industry marked by dynamic growth, evolving privacy regulations, and the need for innovative, cost-effective user engagement strategies. They delved into the implications of recent privacy changes, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in UA, and the importance of personalisation in the gaming experience.

"One of my favourite things is to share strategic thinking with other game developers and it's amazing when we have teams like Kohort setting up such an intimate forum where like-minded innovative thinkers can come together and openly discuss their perspectives,” said Clark. With Benjaminsen adding, “The emphasis on data-driven strategies and the dialogue around user acquisition has never been more relevant. I'm thrilled to contribute to this powerful conversation, working with industry leaders to explore new frontiers in mobile gaming.”

As The Metrics Movement series continues to journey worldwide, the impact on the global mobile gaming industry is expected to be profound. For updates about upcoming events and to request an invite to the next edition of The Metrics Movement, visit

If you’d like exclusive access to the fireside chat discussion, please request a copy of the recording here.

About The Metrics Movement:

The Metrics Movement, brought to you by Kohort (previously Ramp), is a series of exclusive, invite-only gatherings for leaders in the mobile gaming industry. Dedicated to fostering a community that propels data-driven innovation, Kohort is catalysing change and shaping the future of mobile gaming.

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