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Fundraising for success: Aligning your studio with investor expectations

The economy's tough, and finding investors for mobile gaming is even tougher. We've got experts and investors who'll be sharing what grabs an investor's attention and practical tips to get your studio ready for serious fundraising.

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Getting funding for your studio

This webinar is all about helping you and your studio stand out to investors.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Why investors think mobile gaming studios are great businesses
What makes a studio stand out during fundraising
How to ensure your studio is raise-ready
What investors want from the relationship post-raise

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Peggy Anne Salz

Founder & Chief Analyst at MobileGroove

Harry Hamer

Principal at LVP

Jon Bellamy

Game Industry Executive & Angel Investor

Sonja Ängeslevä

Investor & Advisor at Ängeslevä & Ängeslevä Capita