Run extensive scenarios and tests

Simulate scenarios

Explore the impact of seasonal trends and sales events in just a few clicks.

Test and learn

From game updates to market shifts, see how each change could move the needle on your game's performance.

Make smarter decisions

Armed with data, refine your strategies to maximise revenue generation.

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Track actual performance vs. plan and adjust fast

With all core metrics calculated daily, you can instantly see how actual game performance is comparing to your plan and quickly take action to seize new opportunities or minimise threats.

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Experience pain-free re-forecasting

Forget the painful quarterly re-forecasting process. With Kohort, you can easily update your forecasts at the click of a button and issue new guidance to your team and wider stakeholders.

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Build a true picture of game performance

Use the new way of cohort-based forecasting to project future game performance at the user level.

Cohort-based forecasting process

Independent inputs
1. Segment your data
2. Cohortise each segment
3. Forecast each cohort
4. Combine cohorts
5. Combine segments
Automated daily analysis
Remain agile with detailed, automated re-forecasts that incorporate daily ingested data.
Advanced techniques
Leverage cohort cooling, extrapolation methods, price volume, and K-factor analyses.
Seasonal adjustments
Factor in seasonality, adding another layer of precision.
Milestones & events
Incorporate key game events to 
fine-tune your forecasts.

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