Stephane Kurgan

ex-COO at King, Partner at Index Ventures

Angus is the person that led top line forecasting at King and helped turn Candy Crush into a $2bn a year business. Today I turn to Kohort to help with forecasting target company's top-line revenue.

Get peace of mind in value creation and our model's sensitivity

A clear view of
Product cohort health and dynamics
Business plan sensitivity to roadmap and UA expenditure
Historical M&A efficiency
Roadmap and execution targets with financial contribution regression
Extract additional value
Understand pricing power
Engagement weak-spots
Pickup on underserved player segments
Identify inefficient UA campaigns

We justify valuation and de-risk investments by spotting trends that others don't.

We help you find the answers.
Will growth continue and for how long? Why?
How aggressively can we push monetisation?
What happens if they invest more in marketing?
How many new users can they hope to acquire efficiently?
How price-elastic is player demand? Pricing power?
Can and should we increase profitability?
Are any titles at risk of collapse? Can we mitigate against this?