Fireside chat

50 mins

The future of user acquisition

Today's mobile gaming market is characterised by high competition, with thousands of new games launched every month. Amidst this, the biggest challenge that developers face is the acquisition of new users.

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The lifeblood for the survival and growth of any game.

UA has become an art of balancing user engagement, retention, and monetisation. However, achieving this balance is no easy feat due to various challenges.

What you’ll learn in this fireside chat:

How changes in player behaviour have impacted UA
The realities of a post-IDFA world for UA Manager
The impact of generative AI and UGC
How web technologies can be leveraged
The importance of data and forecasting
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Jai Dâvé

Head of Strategy at Kohort

Chris Benjaminsen

Founder at FRVR

Oscar Clark

CEO at Fundamentally Games

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