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Do you know why your forecast has changed from a week ago?
Do you know how to limit risk across ROAS/payback?
Do you know how to measure the success of your product team?
Do you know how to optimise UA daily?
Do you know which product releases have the most impact on P&L?

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With our team of mobile gaming veterans and cohort-based forecasting platform you don’t just have the critical insights you need at hand, you know how to apply them to drive revenue in your business.
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Trusted by the experts

Charles Tien

CFO at PlayQ

The Kohort team have been instrumental in helping us prepare our models and forecasts. Kohort's expertise in our field and associated benchmarking has helped us further the confidence investors have in the models. Their contacts also run deep within the VC community. I would highly recommend them as a strategic partner.

Stephane Kurgan

ex-COO at King, Partner at Index Ventures

I turn to Kohort to help with forecasting target company's top-line revenue.

Lane Davis

Product Manager at Concrete

Kohort's milestone functionality streamlines the integration of our product roadmap into our forecast, providing clear insights into how each product feature impacts our ARPU and retention.

Irina Morozova

Head of Growth at TreesPlease

Kohort's ability to deep-dive into our data and provide actionable insights has been invaluable. The team's focus on platform-specific strategies, especially their analysis of iOS SKAN data, has allowed us to allocate our marketing budget more effectively.

Chris Benjaminsen

Co-founder at FRVR

Insights from Kohort gave us the confidence to significantly scale our UA budgets.

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