Kohort validates forecasts - helping studio to secure $40m+ in UA funding


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3rd party validation

from Kohort created confidence and buy-in from investors

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Finance & executive teams
London, UK
Mobile games
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  • Third-party validation
  • UA optimisation
  • Scenario planning

A UK-based mobile studio needed to validate their financial forecasts and market potential for a game. To increase confidence in their internal predictions and transparently present these findings to UA funding investors, they engaged Kohort for their expertise and third-party validation.

Key contributions

  • Third-party validation
    Kohort provided an external, objective assessment of the studio's forecasts, scenarios and assumptions. This analysis helped investors understand when the projections would be accurate, and what scenarios needed to happen to meet expectations.
  • Expertise in analytics and forecasting
    Kohort brought specialised knowledge in analytics and game forecasting that supplemented the studio's internal capabilities. These expertise, when applied to historical data and current market trends, helped refine the team's projections and strategies.
  • Presentation support in investor meetings
    Kohort's expertise was pivotal during important board meetings and discussions with investors. With Kohort's co-founder Angus Lovitt in the room to articulate the data and forecasts effectively, it helped the studio communicate the potential of their game more convincingly.
  • Building trust with stakeholders
    With Kohort's reputation as a leading forecaster for mobile games, the studio could more effectively build trust with their stakeholders, demonstrating due diligence and thoroughness in their approach to game development and marketing.

Key results

  • Clear justification for UA investment
    Kohort helped articulate a clear and compelling rationale for the needed UA investment. They presented how this investment would drive profitability in the future, detailing the expected returns and market growth.
  • Effective investor presentations
    With Kohort's robust forecasting model, the studio was able to effectively present to two separate investors, demonstrating the potential success and profitability of their game. Kohort’s data-backed presentations showcased how the UA investment would be utilised and the expected outcomes, which was crucial for gaining investor confidence.
"Kohort's third-party validation was a game-changer for our funding efforts, providing the credibility we needed to secure UA funding. Their expertise in analytics was instrumental in presenting a compelling, data-backed case to our investors."

$40 million in UA funding secured

The studio successfully secured more than $40 million in UA funding, a testament to the compelling case of their game's potential backed by Kohort's platform and expertise. This investment highlights the effectiveness of Kohort's approach to helping studios expand and capitalise on their game's market potential.

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