How Kohort helped studio build a scenario-driven growth strategy that assisted in $30m investment


scenarios, 300+ iterations

2 months

to create 50 scenarios, 300+ iterations


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Finance & executive teams
Mobile games
Use cases
  • Investor pitch support
  • Product roadmap planning
  • UA optimisation

A mobile gaming studio needed to present a compelling forecast of the potential of their latest title to investors. With only six weeks of playtest data initially, predicting the game’s potential to scale and its ability to generate significant revenue— through planned features and monetisation strategies—was a substantial challenge.

Key contributions

  • Aligned CPI projections
    Kohort helped refine the studio's initial CPI projections, allowing them to align more closely with industry standards, which were 10x their original figures.
  • Market-based approach
    With limited data, the Kohort team created a market-based approach in order to simulate different segments to improve accuracy. This strategy was essential in optimising targeting and marketing spend by focusing on the segments with fewer uncertainties.
  • Advanced visualisation tools
    Kohort's data visualisations provided the studio's internal team with clear insights into their trajectory, facilitating informed decision-making and investor discussions at a glance.

Key results

  • Risk and opportunity analysis
    The studio was able to evaluate multiple outcomes to prepare for uncertainties and identify opportunities up to three years from the day of forecast.
  • Validating and refining forecasts
    Iterative scenario testing and re-forecasts helped the studio validate and refine their growth strategies, ensuring they were realistic and well-tested.
  • Improved decision-making
    The process helped the studio's leadership team to allocate resources more effectively, enhancing product and marketing strategies.
  • Fast UA optimisation
    With a rapid iteration cycle, the studio honed their UA strategies. They were able to more UA campaigns than previously possible and establish clear milestones for consistent 12-month payback periods. This projection was done for the next three years, supported by Kohort's provision of reliable, real-time forecasts.
  • Risk-free strategy testing
    By testing various marketing spend and product updates, the studio could see the predicted outcomes without the financial risk. This is important for studios to get glimpse of the future, and stay within spend restrictions.
"With Kohort’s guidance, we effectively managed risks and refined our marketing strategies, which was vital in convincing investors to contribute towards our studio's growth."

Securing $30 million in Series A investment

The detailed planning and quick iterations showed the studio's's deep market understanding and strategic agility, increasing investor confidence during fundraising. This thorough preparation was key to them securing $30 million, demonstrating the effectiveness of their market strategy and readiness to investors.

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