Optimise UA spend distribution with rightsizing analysis

Rightsizing analysis helps mobile studios to uncover cost-saving opportunities and optimise marketing strategies. By comparing current marketing activities against optimised scenarios, studios can uncover waste and achieve long-term savings.
This rightsizing analysis helped our client to understand their potential savings, if their marketing activity was optimised.
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Other use cases
Rightsizing analysis such as this, can be implemented for:
  • Understanding optimisation per network
    Studios can identify the specific optimisation opportunities for each network to eliminate wasteful spending.
  • Improving network management
    Such analyses expose inefficient practices or suboptimal network management by the publisher that could be draining resources.
  • Enabling long-term savings
    Studios can determine the overall long-term savings that can be achieved by rightsizing marketing activities.
  • Strengthening publisher accountability
    Gaming executives can make better decisions regarding their relationship with publishers, including calculating potential break-contract costs.

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