Understand the impact of events & feature releases on KPIs

Impact analyses like the below are able to uncover challenges, mitigate risks, and optimise strategic planning for mobile studios.
The purpose of this analysis was to show our client post event X (in this case, how a retention feature impacted DAU) versus a scenario where the feature was not implemented.
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Other use cases
Impact analysis such as this, can be implemented for:
  • Understand impact of replicating event X
    Studios can identify the specific factors that lead to the success of event X and replicate those conditions for future campaigns and events.
  • Identifying what effects a bug (or fix) caused
    Studios can determine how a change (like a bug fix or feature release) impacts user behaviour, revealing what worked well and what needs improvement.
  • Understand risk on potentially unforeseen events
    By understanding the impact of planned event, mobile studios can foresee potential risks and discover new opportunities for growth.
  • Understand product metrics
    By analysing the effects of planned initiatives, studios can gain insights into product metrics, identifying strategies to improve these metrics.
  • General forecast refinement
    With precise data on how planned initiatives influence trends, studios can refine their predictive models for more accurate forecasting of user engagement and revenue.

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